Rare Alaskan “Sun Dog” Sunset Caught on Video

A “sun dog” is an atmospheric optical illusion that can occur anywhere in the world, but usually requires cold temperatures and ice crystals suspended high in the earth’s atmosphere. The illusion gives the appearance at sunset that the sun is surrounded by two bright smaller ‘suns’ which appears to be the sun surrounded by two bright spots on either side.  The refraction of the sunlight through the atmospheric ice crystals is what creates the illusion. This incredible view was captured earlier this month in Deadhorse, Alaska.

About this video: Filmed on November 9, 2020 in Deadhorse, Alaska, USA. According to the uploaders, “I was at work and looked out the back window and got a glimpse of a beautiful sunset. So I walked outside to get a picture and wasn’t expecting to see 3 sunsets. From what I’ve researched, this is called a Sun Dog and they occur when hexagonal ice crystals in the clouds bend light.”