Prominent Ocean County land use lawyer says government should force mass vaccinations

TOMS RIVER, NJ – If you have been following the battle for religious land use and zoning in Ocean County, one name should be familiar, Marci Hamilton. Hamilton is known as one of the foremost religious land use experts in America, so goes the claim, but in her cases in New Jersey, she often just recommends towns settle lawsuits and cut their losses.

That was the case in Toms River when Toms River Mayor Maurice Hill paid Hamilton a generous sum of money to help settle the township away from a possible lawsuit from the U.S. Department of Justice. In Jackson, the township parted ways with Hamilton over alleged differences. Insiders say Hamilton wanted to settle, but township officials wanted to continue fighting the multitude of state and federal lawsuits from the government and private entities.

Hamilton is known as a settler. She’s been very adept at telling towns, “You can’t fight the federal government, so settle.”

Give up. Succumb. You won’t win. It’s a losing battle. These are all positions we have seen first hand by Hamilton over the years here in New Jersey.

Now, she’s a medical-legal expert too it appears and her message is the same. You can’t fight government telling you what to do. You don’t have the right to do that.

Hamilton has thrown her hat into the COVID-19 legal ring and is calling for the forced and mandatory vaccination of all Americans over the age of 16.

Hamilton penned an op-ed with CNN this week.

“The Constitution is not a suicide pact guaranteeing a right to harm others. The government has latitude to protect citizens from deadly conditions, especially when the science supporting vaccination is so clear,” Hamilton declared. “We agree, but also believe that the public needs to better understand that there is no constitutional right to avoid vaccine mandates against a deadly disease.”

“It is reckless at this point for the government not to mandate vaccination. Some politicians have falsely told Americans that they have a constitutional right to refuse vaccination. This is a license to potentially infect others with a deadly disease when the Supreme Court has consistently held otherwise,” she continued. “Children and adults have a constitutional right to “life” that can only be protected if there is mass vaccination. It’s time for state and local governments to issue vaccine mandates and fines — as New York and San Francisco have — before this virus mutates into an even more elusive killer than it already is.”

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