Police not horsing around after capturing two escaped fugitive ponies

HOWELL TOWNSHIP, NJ – Howell Police weren’t horsing around after receiving a call about two escape ponies on the lamb. Officers began hoofing it to a summer riding camp on Casino Drive before getting back in the saddle and mounting up a posse to round up the outlaws.

“When two mischievous ponies escaped from a summer riding camp on Casino Drive, Howell officers were called in for assistance. The first rule in escaping is to split up,” the Howell Police Department said. “These amateurs stuck together running through back yards stopping occasionally to eat vegetation.”

Police are now investigating several accomplices, saying horses on adjacent properties seemed to aid in their escape by purposely running around their pens creating a dust cloud to obsruct our view as the suspects ran past.

“Clever, but you can’t escape Howell officers who quickly set up a perimeter along Casino and Georgia Tavern Road,” the department said.

This was to protect the ponies from being struck by passing vehicles and to contain them in the search area.

“Our drone was requested to assist from overhead. After a few additional minutes they were finally surrounded and taken into custody about a half-mile from the original scene. We then escorted them back to the farm ensuring their safety. They were released into the custody of the owner,” the police said.

After the incident, officers reportedly headed back to the stable.

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