Police arrest two carjackers who killed retired firefighter

CHICAGO, IL –  Dwaine Johnson, 18, of Gary, Indiana was arrested for the murder of Dwain Williams, 65, a retired lieutenant in the Chicago Fire Department.  On December 3rd, Johnson and three others targeted Williams in his jeep outside of a popcorn store.  The four thugs killed Williams and stole his vehicle.  Johnson has been charged with first-degree murder, vehicle hijacking and unlawful use of an automatic weapon.  The four assailants ambushed Williams after he bought popcorn inside the store.  He retired in 2018.

Earlier, police captured one of Johnson’s 15-year-old accomplices and two others are still at large. Williams exchange shots with his attackers but was killed.   Police believe Johnson and his carjacking crew are responsible for other crimes in the Chicago area.