Pilot caught on open mic berating San Francisco as ‘Liberal f-cks and weirdos’

A Southwest Airlines crew is being investigated after a pilot was caught berating the city of San Francisco and its inhabitants as it pulled into the Bay Area’s San Jose International Airport. After checking in with the tower, alerting air traffic controllers they’re “ready to go”, the pilot left his mic open and ranted about the Bay Area.

“F-ck this place, goddamn liberal f-cks,” he said. “F-cking weirdos. Probably drive around in them Hyundai’s, f-cking slow as sh-t and go slow as f-ck. You don’t have balls unless you’re fucking rolling coal, man, goddamn it.”

Rolling coal refers to modifying diesel trucks to bellow out more thick black smoke from their exhausts than standard. Southwest is investigating the incident.