Picture of Phil Murphy Eating Mike Testa’s Pizza Goes Viral, Upsets Republicans, Breaks Quarantine Rules?

TRENTON, NJ – A picture posted by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy being fed a slice of pizza by his wife Tammy while in a 14-day recommended quarantine…

We pardon the interruption.  Phil Murphy will only be quarantined for 5 days after two of his top aides have contracted the virus.  Although CDC guidelines recommend a 14-day quarantine, the high limit of the virus’ incubation period Murphy has announced he will shorten his quarantine.  Murphy has ordered residents simply traveling from 39 other states to self-quarantine for 14 days.

Back to the pizza.

U.S. Republican Senator Michael Testa, who spent the early part of the quarantine showing off his mad baking skills during the height of the lockdown sent the Murphy’s pizza and now, some Republicans are angry over Testa’s good faith gesture.   The photo has gone viral on social media since being posted Friday.

In the photo, Murphy was wearing COVID-19 business, suit jacket and sweat pants.  Both Murphy and his wife Tammy were wearing facemask at their home, with a photographer who took the picture…quarantine?

In other news, photos also surfaced on the internet from the Instagram account of Mike Delamater, one of Murphy’s closest aides who has contracted COVID-19. Those photos appear to show Delamater in large groups at social functions, on a boat and other photos where is his not wearing a facemask.  We cannot confirm the authenticity of those photos at this point, so they will not be published.

The viral photo of Murphy eating pizza showed an unmasked Murphy being fed a slice of pizza by wife Tammy, while both are in quarantine with, what would assumed to be a photographer taking the photo just a few feet away…quarantine.