Philly District Attorney to investigate City Police Shooting that Sparked Riots, Violence

PHILADELPHIA,PA –  District Attorney Larry Krasner on Monday issued the following statement on the fatal police shooting of a civilian in West Philadelphia:

“The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office takes its obligation to try to be fair and to seek evenhanded justice seriously. The DAO Special Investigations Unit responded to today’s fatal shooting of a civilian by police shortly after it occurred, and has been on scene with other DAO personnel since that time investigating, as we do jointly with the PPD Officer-Involved Shooting Investigation Unit, in shootings and fatalities by other means involving police. We intend to go where the facts and law lead us and to do so carefully, without rushing to judgment and without bias of any kind.

“People who witnessed this incident or have information they believe to be relevant to this investigation are encouraged to contact the District Attorney’s Office Special Investigations Unit hotline: 215–686–9608.”

“In the hours and days following this shooting, we ask Philadelphians to come together to uphold people’s freedom to express themselves peacefully and to reject violence of any kind.”