Philadelphia Halts New Gun Permits Until December, Citing COVID-19

PHILADELPHIA, PA – The Philadelphia Police Department has announced a suspension of new gun permits until December 7th, citing COVID-19 for the closure.
“Due to several positive COVID-19 cases and the need to quarantine, as advised by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, the Gun Permits Unit will be closed to the public beginning on November 18th 2020, and will not reopen until December 7th, 2020,” the department said. “This closure will affect all walk-up service and previously scheduled appointments. In the continued interest of the health and safety of PPD employees and the communities we serve, all PPD facilities and locations directly impacted by employees with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis will be sanitized and deep cleaned.”
COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Philadelphia, and as essential workers on the pandemic’s frontline, the Philadelphia Police Department will continue to take all necessary health and safety precautions while serving the public.