Philadelphia D.A. Tells Trump “Leave Philly Alone”

“The Trump Administration’s efforts to suppress votes amid a global pandemic fueled by their disregard for human life will not be tolerated in the birthplace of American democracy. Philadelphians from a diversity of political opinions believe strongly in the rule of law, in fair and free elections, and in a democratic system of government. We will not be cowed or ruled by a lawless, power-hungry despot. Some folks learned that the hard way in the 1700s.

“Donald Trump claims to be a ‘law and order’ president, but his administration has posed the greatest danger to public health and safety in modern history. More than 227,000 Americans have died from COVID-19, and we are again seeing infections spike across the country. More than 100 police officers have died from COVID-19 this year — more than died from all other causes — including in the line of duty — combined.

“Philadelphians are grieving the fatal shooting by police of a Black man who appeared to be in mental health crisis. Instead of working with cities and states to improve accountability and efficacy in policing, instead of supporting and strengthening Black communities, the Trump Administration seeks to throw gasoline on a long-burning fire in order to provoke further unrest and violence ahead of an election he is terrified to lose.

“My office is working, as it always does, to hold accountable all those who cause harm, irrespective of status or position. Today, we filed a dozen serious charges against an individual responsible for seriously injuring a Philadelphia Police sergeant by hitting her with a vehicle during the unrest this week. That person is sitting in jail and is being held on $999,999 bail. My office is also investigating the police shooting death of Walter Wallace, Jr., because justice demands accountability for every death at the hands of government actors — whether on the streets or in prisons or in the ICE facilities where Donald Trump is caging children.

“The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office continues to work with our partners in law enforcement and government to ensure every voter gets to vote and that every vote is counted. Keep your Proud Boys, goon squads, and uncertified ‘poll watchers’ out of our city, Mr. President. Break the law here, and I’ve got something for you.”