Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf Down with COVID-19

HARRISBURG, PA – Governor Tom Wolf always wears his facemask, he social distances and he makes sure you do too.  Now, the governor has tested positive for COVID-19, despite following all of the safety protocols he has put in place across his state.

“During a routine test yesterday, I tested positive for COVID-19,” Wolf said Wednesday.  “I have no symptoms and am feeling well and I am in isolation at home. I am following CDC and Department of Health guidelines. Frances has been tested and, as we await the result, is quarantining at home with me.”
Wolf said he will continue working as Governor through his bout with the deadly virus that has ravaged his state, forcing restaurant closures, university closures and more over the past few months.
“I am continuing to serve the commonwealth and performing all of my duties remotely, as many are doing during the pandemic. As this virus rages, my positive test is a reminder that no one is immune from COVID,” Wolf said. “Following all precautions as I have done is not a guarantee, but it is what we know to be vital to stopping the spread of the disease.  I ask all Pennsylvanians to wear a mask, stay home as much as possible, socially distance themselves from those not in their household, and, most of all, take care of each other and stay safe.”
It’s unknown at this point where the Governor contracted the virus, despite his best effort to always be “masked up” and following the guidelines of the State of Pennsylvania and the CDC.