Pennacchio tells Murphy to Bring Guard Troops Home, Stop Using Service Members as Political Props

TRENTON, NJ – Senator Joe Pennacchio called on Governor Murphy to bring the New Jersey National Guard home from Washington, D.C. after reports that military personnel deployed in the capital to provide security for the inauguration of President Joe Biden had been relegated to sleeping on the floors of parking garages.

“Our New Jersey troops have done their job and served the state and the nation proudly after one of the darker incidents in our history. Now, it’s time to bring them home – immediately,” Pennacchio said. “These men and women left their homes, jobs and families to ensure the peaceful transition of government, only to be utilized as pawns by political ideologues.”

Almost 500 citizen soldiers and airmen based in New Jersey were deployed to Washington to maintain order after a violent protest at the capitol building on Jan. 6. In a show of strength and unity, the streets and intersections of the capital city were lined with guardsmen from across U.S.

After two weeks providing security duty, thousands of guard members were ordered out of the Capitol complex and relocated to parking garages and outdoor encampments.

“While the politicos and power brokers celebrated and had a grand time inside, the guard was banished to sleeping on cold, damp, oil-stained concrete floors,” said Pennacchio. “It was inexcusable and indefensible treatment.

“The leadership in Washington should find out who made the decision, and they should lose their job,” Pennacchio continued. “The Governor should immediately order our troops back to the state. Texas and Florida recalled their guard troops and slammed the government’s behavior, and New Jersey should follow suit.