Parler CEO says they are part of mass banning of free speech on the internet, government censorship by proxy

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said destroying the social media platform partner was a team effort between Apple, Amazon, and Google.  CEO Amy Peikoff said the effort went beyond the big three, including San Francisco-based communications company Twillio, Captcha, Flurry, and internet backbone services providers.   “Whether they’re all working together or just caving into the same cancel culture pressure, obviously we think we were singled out unfairly,” she said, adding that similar content existed on all platforms.

People are asking if collusion was involved, she said, but said there could be something far worse in play.  “What if something Faustian was going on?” She said, referring to the German astronomer and necromancer reputed to have sold his soul to the Devil.  “What if a deal has been made with big tech and government?”

She said Twitter and other social media platforms “data pillage” and ignoring that data pillaging could have been part of the agreement.