Park Service Encourages Wild Hog Hunting at Fork National River and Recreation Area

Oneida, TN – Deer hunting season opened in Kentucky on September 5. Deer hunting season opened in Tennessee on September 26. During these big game seasons, wild hogs may be harvested with the appropriate weapon that is legal for that specific season and during an extended hog hunting season that lasts from the end of the deer season until the end of February with a weapon that is approved by that state for harvesting big game.

Although an occasional individual hog or tracks are sighted in Kentucky, based on the current research and knowledge, there are no known wild hog populations on the Kentucky side of Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area.  We recommend the Tennessee side of the park for those who wish to hunt wild hogs.

A $5 hog hunting permit is required to hunt hogs and may be purchased online at, or

In addition, a valid state hunting license is required to purchase the hog permit. There is no limit on the number of hogs that may be harvested and they are not required to be checked in.

The wild hog is an invasive exotic species that has a significant negative impact to native species and do a great deal of damage to farmlands and residential areas. The damage they cause threatens park resources including federally listed plants.

Hunters are encouraged to send in pictures of wild pigs harvested in the park. Tag photos with #HuntBSF, or #HuntOBED to share your hunting experiences on social media.

For more information on hog permits, contact Bandy Creek Visitor Center at (423) 286-7275, or Obed Wild & Scenic River Visitor Center at (423) 346-6294.