Palm Beach ‘group’ declares war on President Trump, Mar-a-Lago, Says he’s not welcome to live there

PALM BEACH, FL – A report in today’s edition of the liberal Washington Post says a handful of Palm Beach residents are up in arms and ready to fight the President if he decides to call Palm Beach and his Mara Lago resort home after his presidency ends next month.   An attorney for the group called “The Palm Beach Committee”. Reginald G. Stambaugh pleaded with the city council to refuse Trump’s residency because he feels it would violate a 1993 agreement Trump made with the city.

“Neighbors of Mar-a-Lago, have a message for the outgoing commander in chief: We don’t want you to be our neighbor and break our laws,” a letter penned by the group said.

The group claims to have the majority of residents on board, but nobody in Palm Beach has ever heard of the group and no group member names were listed in the message sent to city officials.

“We do not (want) Proud Boys, Skin Heads, Neo Nazi Crazies visiting Trump proposed new PB residence. We hope you agree!”  the letter reads.

Unfortunately for the Palm Beach Committee, the agreement with the city doesn’t state whether Trump, as an owner can take up permanent residence or not, just that guests may only stay for up to 7 days and only three times annually.