PA Bakery Says it Has Secret Ingredient to Predicting the Next President

HATBORO, PA – Nestled in a small storefront just outside of Philadelphia, Lochel’s Bakery claims to have a proven method to predict who will win the next presidential election…cookies.   Owner Kathleen Lochel said each year she sells a few hundred cookies with the names of presidential candidates on them and each year, the cookie that sold the most, ended up winning the election.

This year, Lochel says demand has soared and they went from a few hundred cookies to a few thousand and after a national media blitz today, the sky is the limit for the small bakery.   The cookies are sold in-store, first come first serve but they are also available for shipping, Lochel said.  If you visit the store, orders are being limited to one dozen per customer.  This morning, a long line had formed outside the bakery with customers coming from near and far to get their presidential cookies.

“The phone has been going off the hook and the emails are stacked up,” Lochel said  “This is nothing short of a miracle for any small business to get this attention.”

With a political cookie, comes political problems.   Lochel said their Facebook page is being overrun by “Trump 2020″ and “Biden 2020″ comments, but she and her staff aren’t paying attention to that, saying they are focused on making cookies.

“We don’t really care who you’re voting for, we’re united by a cookie, not by who you’re voting for,” she said. “We don’t really care which cookie you buy.  We just want to stay in business…cookies 2020!”

To order your presidential cookies, you can email and be sure to include your name, address phone number, and which candidate you want. Cookies are sold by the dozen and yes, you can split your dozen between Trump and Biden.  Cookies are $69.00 per dozen.

As for who is winning this year’s cookie race.   1,286 Joe Biden cookies have been sold so far, compared to 2,512 Donald Trump cookies as of this morning, but that is sure to change now that Lochel’s is now directly in the national spotlight.