Ontario town transports people back to the 1890’s while filming television show

Rumble / Entertainment Life — Anne With An E is a famous movie series that is based on the classic novel series Anne of Green Gables. Set in the 1890s in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, this Canadian series was a beloved part of childhood for millions of people. Translated into 36 languages and selling more than 50 million copies, few people have not heard of the book series.

Filming the series was a challenge due to the fact that it takes place well over 100 years ago in world that has changed so much in that time. Finding a small town location that could be transformed into a believable set was one of the challenges. Millbrook, Ontario has a charming, historical look to it that has drawn movie producers here for decades. It was also financially advantageous to film in a more central location. Very little of the show is actually filmed on the east coast of Canada in order to reduce costs.

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