Only one day left for Toms River parents to choose student learning model

TOMS RIVER, NJ – The Toms River School District Will be returning to a four day per week in-person learning schedule for all students and parents must select their student’s learning model by February 16th.  On Monday, March 1st, the district will be launching a four-day in-person half-day schedule for all elementary schools.  Those days will be Monday through Thursday.  Friday will be a virtual learning day.

Currently, the district plans to return middle school students to a four-day schedule on March 15th.

“On Monday, March 1, our elementary schools will offer four in-person half days of instruction for all students, with Friday continuing as an all-virtual day of teaching and learning. Our students in grades 6-12 will shortly follow with this option beginning on Monday, March 15. This progression of our #TRSafeReturn plan still honors the all-virtual option for students,” the district said in a letter to parents.

“We recognize, however, that the increase of in-person instructional time for students presents a challenge, and we must acknowledge scenarios whereby we will not be able to accommodate six feet of social distance among students,” said interim Superintendent Tom Gialanella. “In such cases, staff and students will continue to wear the appropriate face coverings and, when appropriate, clear desk dividers will be available. Our building principals will continue to develop a schedule that staggers times for transitions and limits congregation in common areas like hallways. My leadership team and I will also continue to implement stringent cleaning protocols to mitigate the spread of COVID-19; abide by guidelines regarding contact tracing; continue to execute the effective screening procedures that have been in place since the start of in-person instruction.”

The plan to return to a four-day schedule was described in detail to the Toms River School Board during the Feb. 10 Curriculum and Committee meeting, and was met with approval.



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