Ocean County GOP to Spend Time on “Aritmatic” and Geometry in February

TOMS RIVER, NJ – The Ocean County GOP organization is apparently going back to school in February with an emphasis on “aritmatic and geometry” according to the calendar posted on their official party websites.

Frank Holman’s organization appears to be having an exciting two-day museum trip on February 12 and 13, which sounds like an awful lot of fun. On February 15th and 16th, Holman appears to have scheduled a “Disruptive Behavior” seminar, but it’s not clear whether that seminar will help him and his underlings promote disruptive behavior or prevent it.  There is also a special needs class on Friday, February 26th, which doesn’t sound quite like enough time on the matter.

There’s a lot of time off, assumed for hunting critters like squirrels,  coyotes (pronounced cuhy-OTEs), and other vermin because you know…men shoot stuff.  If Holman as taking any feedback on the calendar, the plight of the party’s special needs should really have more priority.

No attempt was made to contact Holman regarding the posted schedule. We’ll just ask George about it when he takes over.


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