Ocean County BBQ Restaurant Owner Shuts Down Murphy Maskhole Karen, Names Sandwich After Her

BARNEGAT, NJ – If you’ve been following things in Ocean County closely, a few business owners have been vocal against Governor Phil Murphy’s relentless assault on small businesses and restaurant owners during the pandemic.   The epicenter of opposition lies in the southern end of the county where business owner Chris Barlow of Big Barlow’s BBQ has made his opinion of the governor well known.  His stance against the governor hasn’t gone unnoticed.  Some on the liberal left have gone after him on his Facebook page. They randomly post replies to dinner specials with silly memes saying “Trump Lost”, etc.

When one “Maskhole Karen” went on a tirade against another local business in a local community group, Barlow chimed in on the conversation.

“It would be a good idea if you didn’t come to my place,” he told the resident, whose name we won’t publish, we’ll just call her “Karen”.

That was enough to trigger Karen.  She went into a tirade on the Big Barlow Facebook page.   Not only did she want to talk to a manager, she wanted to talk to the Better Business Bureau…and the state, even though the discussion wasn’t about Barlow’s business or executive order violations at his business.

“When I expressed concern about thelack of masks in a recent post, the owner replied that I am not welcome at his place of business,” Karen said in her online diatribe. “Cool beans man. I did, however, forward his response to me to the better business bureau and to the state. Maybe he thinks he is cool, a rebel and just genuinely exudes all things that make a man a man. I can imagine him yelling ‘liberal’ in a really loud voice which makes me smile, or hugging his guns in bed in case ‘the democrats’ are taking them away. I imagine a wife reassuring him he is a man, macho and in control! Loi. However, he has in his business dealings and obviously life, failed to realize the consequences. Which means fines as per the state, the fact that he is legally liable should one of his workers or customers get sick.”

Cool story, Karen.

Except that her comments didn’t hurt Barlow or his business.  The Ocean County community has since rallied behind him and his support for local businesses that are being punished illegally by Governor Phil Murphy.   Things got so bad for Karen she deleted her rant on his page.

“I love the support of all of y’all. People try to creep when they think im sleeping. Got to get up pretty early for that. Y’all made her delete her post,” Barlow said.  “It’s simple we are American people and we have our rights,”

He has since created a sandwich named after Karen, “The Sloppy Sally”.  It is a double-decker sandwich with smoked chicken, brisket, dirty slaw, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing on rye bread.  The sandwich idea was borne by Josh Werner, one of Barlow’s customers.

Barlow stood his ground when it came to handling the dogooder Karen who assaulted the local bagel shop and even though she has a tiny bit of sympathy for some, Barlow has none.  When he pointed out that Sally, err Karen was a Lacey School teacher, one person asked him if that was going too far.

“So I’m supposed to just roll over while she puts my business and family at jeopardy? I don’t think so. Unfortunately it is an eye for an eye because she’s never been in my restaurant,” he responded.

And now, it’s time to behold…The Sloppy Sally.