NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio: Our mission is to redistribute wealth

NEW YORK CITY, NY – New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio came under fire after a press conference talking about a post-mortem of the George Floyd riots that ripped apart his city in May and June and sent thousands of residents to the suburbs.

After speaking about police brutality and inequality in his city, deBlasio said when it comes to spending money, his object is blunt and clear, he wants to redistribute wealth in the Big Apple.

“And that certainly takes us to education, where if you’re talking about the problems of disparity, if you’re talking about structural racism, certainly policing is not the only area to talk about. There are many areas to talk about and education must be front and center. There has been so much that needed to be addressed in education in New York City,” DeBlasio Said.  And from the beginning, what I tried to focus on was a very simple concept, equity and excellence – that we needed to profoundly change the distribution of resources. I like to say very bluntly, our mission is to redistribute wealth. A lot of people bristle at that phrase – that is in fact the phrase we need to use. We have been doing this work for seven years to more equitably redistribute resources throughout our school system.”