Northeast U.S. Governors Form New Federation of Socialist States to Strengthen Powers of Impending Lockdown

TRENTON, NJ – When New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announces the next COVID-19 lockdown protocol in the Garden State, he will undoubtedly be viewed as an out of control governor imposing his will on the peasants of his socialist fiefdom by many.   When a coalition of socialist-leaning northeastern governors from a federation of liberal states announce the next unified regional lockdown to save millions of people from dying, things might be viewed differently.  Governor Murphy will be just one of several lords, a servant to King Andrew Cuomo doing the bidding of the King in the best interest of the kingdom and for the health of its subjects.   Peasants and freemen will surrender their inalienable freedoms for the good of the kingdom, but the nobility class, the business owners, free thinkers, scientists, and those who cherish the liberties provided by the constitution of the United States will undoubtedly revolt.  They will be outcast as dangerous, a fringe who wants to put grandma and grandpa’s lives at risk…troublemakers.  They will feel the wrath of the Murphy empowered criminal justice system that frees hardened criminals from prison, but criminalizes your ability to exercise your freedom.

Like the Continental Congress which led to the formation of the United States, Governor Murphy has aligned with six other socialist-leaning northeastern governors to form their own congress, a COVID-19 congress, that could pave the way to further increasing the powers they have each so far bestowed upon themselves.    The legislature and senate in New Jersey have become figureheads.  They don’t provide checks and balances to keep the lord of New Jersey in check, they exist only to keep dissenters, the few Republicans with a spine in New Jersey, in order.

Political warriors that roam the halls of the statehouse, such as Hal Wirths, Parker Space, Serena DeMaso, Mike Testa, and a few others will remain powerless. Their voices bring the only weapon in their arsenal…that is until that too is taken away by Facebook and Twitter.

Most remaining Republicans in New Jersey ride the clear, calm channels while the people above try to establish a beachhead in the breakwaters of politics in New Jersey.

They are powerless to stop Governor Phil Murphy’s new alliance, the Magnificient Seven includes New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania,  Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.  The governors met for a summit this past Sunday and today, issued the first edict of their new federation, to urge all colleges to make COVID-19 testing available to all residential students before leaving for their Thanksgiving break.

Of course, this mandate comes just one week before that break and doesn’t really include a plan, funding, or even explain to universities and colleges how to implement or pay for that plan.  It was just an order.  Just the first of many to come in the coming weeks as those seven governors coordinate a politically expedient second lockdown in which none of them can be held personally responsible.

Until now, Murphy has followed the lead of the de facto king of this alliance, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, but now, the entire alliance will follow the lead of Cuomo.

Tonight, this new socialist federation has given itself a name.  They officially call themselves the Regional Coalition of Northeast Governors, or in other words, the People’s Democratic Socialist Republic of Greater New York.