NJ RNC Committeeman Bill Palatucci is Latest NJ GOP Trumpdumper, Calling Trump a Liar

WESTFIELD, NJ – As the dust settles in the New Jersey GOP establishment from the Trump post-election fallout, there were two sides left standing.  Trump loyalists within the party battle Trumpdumers on social media daily in an attempt to wrestle control of online political public opinion, because, well, it has been proven to be an effective way to change people’s minds…not.   Trumpdumers are former “Never Trumpers” who after maintaining radio silence for four years, now have been emboldened to engage in public displays against the former President as it becomes more en vogue within the party.

The latest Trumpdumper is William Palatucci.  You might not know who he is unless you’re following the behind-the-scenes politics in New Jersey, even then you may not know who Palatucci is.   Palatucci is a former New Jersey political playmaker.  He’s a close ally of former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, both of whom are seeking to rebuild and rebrand from the ashes of the New Jersey Republican party which under their watch, crash and burned, leading New Jersey to elect Governor Phil Murphy, losing congressional seats in 2018 and not being able to win a senate seat in the two most recent elections.

Palatucci, in a response to a Shore News Network story, falsely implied SNN supports the notion that the U.S. election was stolen. It’s not sure where he came to that delusion conclusion.

“If you want to be mad at someone, be mad at the incompetent legal team representing the campaign,” Palatucci said.

As far as Trump, Palatucci called the former President, a liar.

“Sorry, but he’s been lying to you,” the GOP State Committeeman told a woman who disagreed with his opinion of Trump. ‘They lost 50+ court appeals, lost the US Supreme Court, 50 state certifications, and the electoral college.”