NJ Congressman says he was target of Anti-Asian Sentiment during Obama Administration

TOMS RIVER, NJ – Former left-wing radical Andy Kim now serves in Congress representing the Jersey Shore. Since winning his election he has become outwardly more moderate. During his first campaign, he ran a radical revolutionary group called “Rise Stronger”. The group promoted left-wing ideology and marxist style readings and rants. Kim called for a revolution in America.

Andy Kim’s left-wing radical group Rise Stronger rises from the ashes.

This week is the first time Kim spoke of the racism he endured while serving under President Barack Obama.

“And now in the aftermath of the brutal mass murder in ATL, we as a nation must confront the xenophobia, discrimination that AAPIs experience. I wanted to show as we turn to Gov right now to fix these problems, that Gov itself has problems we must fix,” Kim said.

U.S. DOD Photo shows Andy Kim with military photographers in tow being bestowed with an award during the time he said he was treated unfairly as an Asian American.

Now, Kim, an Asian, in light of the Democrat’s “anti-Asian” agenda is claiming he was discriminated because of his ethnicity. Kim claims that he was told by the Obama State Department that he could not work on foreign matters related to Korea because of his last name.

Andy Kim Applauds Biden Executive Orders, Including Lifting of Travel Restrictions from State Sponsors of Terrorism List

“I’ll never forget the feeling when I learned that my own government questioned my loyalty. Before Congress I worked in diplomacy at StateDept. I once received a letter banning me from working on Korea issues just because of my last name. I was stunned,” he tweeted. “I started to feel like maybe I didn’t have a place in government. I started to think about quitting. Everyone keeps saying our diversity is our strength. That letter from StateDept said otherwise. How do I do foreign policy if my own government treats me like I’m foreign?”

Kim worked for the U .S. State Department under former President Barack Obama.

“I’ll never forget the feeling when I learned that my own government questioned my loyalty,” he said

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