Nikki Haley Blames Teachers’ Unions for Blocking Return to Schools

Nikki Haley, a possible contender for the 2024 Presidential Election today blamed teachers’ unions for blocking the path back to in-school learning for students as the COVID-19 vaccine is now available in many states to teachers and other frontline workers.   Haley said millions of American kids are now falling behind because of virtual learning, especially low income and minority children.

“Teachers unions continue to stand in the way of reopening schools. Evidence shows that students aren’t the source of Covid outbreaks. Millions of kids are falling behind from virtual learning, especially low-income and minority students. Our next-generation deserves better,” Haley said.

Haley served as the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. and as the 116th governor of South Carolina.

An article in New York Magazine said entitled, “Remote Learning is a Catastrophe” and laid the blame on the unions.

“Years from now, when we look back at the coronavirus pandemic, it is very possible that the most damaging element we will identify is its catastrophic effect upon public education,” wrote Jonathan Chate.