Newsmax is the latest beneficiary of the 2020 election as conservatives, Republicans switch media platforms

As Facebook and Twitter continue their aggressive censorship of Republicans and conservatives who use their platform, a little known social media app called Parler began eating into the tech giants’ market share.  Last week, Parler was the top downloaded app from the Apple and Google stores.   Now, as many once-loyal Fox News viewers watched their network make some questionable calls in the past week, many of those viewers are flocking to a conservative news channel called Newsmax.

Newsmax is not a new channel, it was founded in 1998, more than 22 years ago.   It has been the go-to choice for many diehard Republicans and conservatives.

According to Neilsen ratings, Newsmax averaged about 65,000 simultaneous viewers before the election.  During the election, those numbers grew to 347,000 viewers.  After Fox News called Arizona in favor of Joe Biden, when no other networks did, Fox News viewers became disenfranchised.  When Fox News joined the media’s coordinated announcement that Joe Biden had won the election, Fox News began hemorrhaging viewers to Newsmax.

This week, Newsmax is reaching nearly 1,000,000 simultaneous viewers as the exodus from Fox News continues to grow.

“Fox News viewers appear to be deserting the network in droves,” Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy said.

Another beneficiary of the post-election conservative media break down is Rumble. Rumble is a video sharing service similar to Youtube.  Rumble has been one of the most downloaded apps in the past week since the election.