New Yorkers are Fleeing The City, Benny Johnson Finds Out Why

NEW YORK, NY – Hollywood has once again become reality as New Yorkers all trying to “Escape from New York”, a replay of the 1981 Kurt Russell movie about a crime-ridden New York City that was just turned into a large prison.  It’s pretty much what is going on these days, except, unlike Russell’s character “Snake”, New Yorkers have the freedom to leave…and they are…in the thousands.  Turning Point’s Benny Johnson takes a look into why it’s not just businesses that are fleeing the city, but families too as moving trucks line the streets of the city.



“Why was the coronavirus so bad here what you had was a nursing home policy in the state of New York Governor Cuomo putting the most vulnerable population at risk, blm riots caused the leftist leaders of New York to capitulate and kneel instantly,” Johnson suggests.  “What they did was defund their police department.”