New York Governor Hochul under fire for school mask policy after this photo goes viral

On her first day in office, Governor Kathy Hochul announced a new, comprehensive plan to help ensure a safe, productive return to schools this fall in the midst of rising COVID-19 numbers fueled by the Delta variant. As part of this plan, Governor Hochul has directed the New York State Department of Health to institute a universal mask requirement in all schools, public and private, as determined necessary at the discretion of the Commissioner. The Department of Health will issue the requirement through regulatory action established by the Public Health and Health Planning Council.

That safe and productive return involved keeping children in New York City schools in facemasks, along with teachers and other staff members.

Now, a photo from Hochul’s not too distant past is coming back to haunt her. On July 6th, Hochul visited a New York City Daycare Center where children were forced to wear masks, but the adults did not have to. The image has gone viral this week on social media.

Many are calling the photo “Child Abuse” as the children are forced to wear masks as the adults stand shoulder to shoulder unmasked, against all of the newly professed COVID-19 science and best-practice guidelines.

“Where are the masks on the adults??? The optics are terrible. Hypocrisy at it’s finest. The anti-maskers will be all over this and I don’t blame them. Absolutely disgraceful. Be a leader not a hypocrite,” asked New Yorker Jaqui Hassert.

Last month, Hochul slammed parents who opposed her mask mandate for children in schools.

“I reflect on people who say, ‘Well, it’s an infringement on the child and they can’t do it.’ I remember my 4-year-old, Katie, throwing a meltdown over having to put little sneakers on to go to preschool, okay? She eventually was able to handle something on her feet. Kids are resilient, they can handle a mask on their face,” Hochul said at a meeting in Buffalo.

Shore News Network reached out to Governor Hochul’s office and did not receive an immediate response.

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