New York Governor Andrew Cuomo: We are at War With COVID-19 and We Just Ran Out of Bullets

NEW YORK, NY – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says New York is at war with the COVID-19 virus.  Now it’s a world war after 25 people have been affected by the new UK variant of the virus.  In that war, the governor announced, he ran out of bullets after expended the state’s entire supply of COVID-19 vaccines.  Some of those vaccines ended up in the trash after state efforts fell short and vaccines could not be given out fast enough due to Cuomo’s super-selectiveness of who gets the vaccines.

“We are in a war with COVID and as I’ve said time and again, winning this war will mean winning the footrace between how fast the infection rate goes up and how fast we can vaccinate New Yorkers,” Governor Cuomo said. “Positivity and hospitalizations are both down, which is good news, but it in no way means we’re out of the woods. What’s concerning now is the emergence of three new frightening strains of the virus which could send those numbers back in the other direction. As we have done throughout this crisis, we will continue to monitor these strains closely, follow the science, and continue our work to vaccinate New Yorkers as quickly and fairly as possible.”

Now, as the virus continues to mutate, New Yorkers have to sit back and wait for the Biden administration to resupply the war effort.

“We run out of allocation today. The week one to five allocation will be exhausted by the end of the day Friday, it may already be exhausted, frankly, midday on Friday and we now going week to week on the next week’s allocation. We have 28,000 dosages left in the state from week one to five,” Cuomo said. “If you add up all the dosages that are not in arms in the state, it’s 28,000. The problem is we administer about 80,000 dosages per day, right, so 20,000 does not get you through the day when you’re doing 80,000 dosages per day. We will, by the end of today, fully utilized all of the dosages that have been delivered. Week six dosages are being delivered as we speak.”

It’s all Trump’s fault.

“The Trump Administration, and I said this not because he’s out of office, I said it while they were in office, this was all unnecessary chaos and confusion and anxiety. Everybody agreed nursing homes were the top priority. Everybody agreed with that. All Americans agreed with that. You have vaccines, they’re limited, give it to the people in the nursing homes,” Cuomo said of the debacle in his state.