New York City Out of Control: 15-year-old arrested for violent attack on innocent driver in Manhattan

NEW YORK, NY – In New York City, being successful and wealthy is now a crime punishable by assault by roving bands of thugs running lawless in the streets.  Equity inequality is now a crime, punishable by street justice.  It’s the tone set by liberal Governor Andrew Cuomo and his comrade in arms, New York City Mayor William DeBlasio.  Although the two leftists have not always seen eye to eye when it comes to how to properly roll out socialism in the Empire State, the do often agree that sometimes, turning a blind eye is the best course of action.

On Tuesday, a roving band of thugs attacked this driver in the streets of New York.  The video went viral.  In that attack, 25 bikers attacked and damaged the victim Max Torgovnick’s luxury car while driving down Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.  A 15-year-old Queens teenager has been arrested for the attack.  Torgovnick’s crime?  He had just dropped off a donation to a non-profit organization with his 70 year-old-mother.

Today it was Torgovnick. Tomorrow, it could be you.