New Jersey woman on front line of capital assault called for “More Men, Not Women” to overtake police

Medford, NJ – Stephanie Hazelton, who is more commonly known in New Jersey as Ayla Wolf was charged for her role in the January 6th incursion at the U.S. Capitol.  Hazelton was seen in videos at the entrance of the U.S. Capitol, yelling at the crowd, “We need more men” as the group tried to storm through the doors.  Hazelton was identified by anonymous tipsters and a major with the New Jersey State Police.

Known as Ayla Wolf to her allies in New Jersey, Hazelton was arrested in 2020 for protesting Governor Phil Murphy’s COVID-19 lockdowns and was a fixture at “reopen” rallies throughout New Jersey in 2020.

In the video, Hazelton was heard trying to organize a second entry.  She was charged by the Justice Department with Knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority and impeding or disrupting official functions; Obstructing or impeding law enforcement officers during civil disorder and obstructing federally protected functions and aiding and abetting; and Violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

“I need to get back in,” she said, then directing reinforcements against the defending Capitol Police in riot gear. “We need more men, not women.”

In another video cited by the FBI, Hazelton is part of a mob the violently attempted to push past U.S. Capitol Police, crushing one officer who is seen screaming in pain.

Her lawyer, a 2018 candidate for Congress, Daryl Kipnis disagreed with the fed’s claims against Hazelton.

“After winning an important early victory in securing Stephanie’s pretrial release, we will continue to vigorously contest the ridiculous charges brought against her, a homeschooling mother of two special needs children who loves her family and her country immeasurably,” Kipnis said. “The charges appear to be based on a fantastical misinterpretation of words that my client is alleged to have said in a YouTube video that simply does not comport with reality.”

Kipnis ran against U.S. Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman and lost in a crushing 173,000 to 79,000 vote defeat.