New Jersey now leads nation in unemployment and COVID-19 death rates

TRENTON, NJ – According to political analyst, Joseph Rudy Rullo, New Jersey is last in just about everything in America.  Rullo, who ran for New Jersey Governor in 2017 often said he was tired of living in a state that’s last in everything.  Except, New Jersey isn’t last in everything anymore since the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, New Jersey can claim the top spots in America in the rate of unemployment and COVID-19 death rates.

According to the New Jersey Department of Labor, New Jersey now has the highest unemployment rate in all of America with 10.2%.  Joining New Jersey at the top of the list is Hawaii Nevada, New York, Louisiana, Connecticut, and California.

In November 462,000 New Jerseyans were without a job, many due to Governor Phil Murphy’s restaurant, entertainment, and gym restrictions.  Many movie theaters in New Jersey remain closed and many restaurants with indoor dining restrictions can’t afford to keep their establishments fully staffed.  In November, Murphy sent New Jersey’s bar workers to the unemployment line after closing down bar service statewide.

When it comes to COVID-19, New Jersey is number one when it comes to the highest rate of death per 100,000 residents.   New Jersey has had 202 deaths per 100,000. Other than New York and New Jersey, the rest of America is under 167 deaths per 100,000 residents.

New Jersey’s high death rate is often attributed to a March decision by Governor Phil Murphy and Health Commission Judith Persichili to send COVID-19 positive patients from hospitals into ill-equipped senior citizen assisted living facilities.