New Jersey is America’s Most Hated State, Study Claims

HOBOKEN, NJ – New Jersey is America’s most hated stated according to an analysis conducted by lifestyle website, Best Life.   According to the new “Hatred Index” by Best Life New Jersey is number one, followed by Texas and California.  New York was actually ranked 39th, believe it or not.

“We started off by calculating the percentage of the population that has recently moved out of each state. While locals don’t give reviews of their hometowns like they would a restaurant on Yelp, they do tend to vote with their feet, so we compared the population increase or decrease in each state to the national average of 0.6 percent, according to the U.S. Census Bureau,” the website said. “Next, we analyzed a Gallup poll of which citizens felt the most pride in their home states—defined as the percentage of people who agreed with the statement that their state is “the best or one of the best possible states to live.” The states with the least pride ranked higher in our Hatred Index.”

“Finally, we looked at the findings of illustrator and amateur researcher Matt Shirley, who polled his 320,000 Instagram followers from across the country in 2020 to discover which state they hate the most,” the page stated.

Maybe it’s because for the most part, a large portion of the state is unhappy. After all, New Jersey leads the country in most categories of things people don’t like.  We have high property taxes, heavy traffic, congestion, gas taxes, toll roads and more, who can blame us for being miserable and grumpy?

Photo by Obie Fernandez