New Jersey GOP Leader John Bramnick Says Trump’s Actions “Dangerous to our democracy”

TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey’s top Republican elected leader today said President Donald J. Trump’s allegations of voter fraud is “dangerous to our democracy”.

New Jersey GOP Assemblyman John Bramnick today broke from the Republican Party and the White House today to go against Trump’s criticism of mail-in voting.

“As the Republican leader in the State Assembly I am deeply concerned about the President Trump’s allegation that the election is being “stolen” without evidence of fraud or illegality,” Bramnick said. “This attack directly from the White House is dangerous to our democracy.”

“We think we’ll win the election, there’s so much litigation, so much evidence,” Trump said. “We’ll go to the highest court in the land.”

Bramnick was the first establishment GOP leader in New Jersey to criticize Trump.  Around the state, most Republicans are calling for a fair vote count, but stopping short of supporting the President’s claim of election fraud.


Bramnick was criticized by his own supporters on Facebook for his statement.

Darlene Lance: You are such a disappointment. How do you go to bed at night with such a statement. Are you part of the swamp too?

Olga Miller: You are a disgrace but you fit in well with all the fake republicans in this state.

Frank Gilchrist: Rino pig. After all the evidence has been presented in court that’s right before our very eyes we’ll be expect an apology.