New Jersey GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Jack Ciattarelli Under Fire for Open Arms Embrace of Joe Biden

FREEHOLD, NJ – Jack Ciattarelli, a Republican candidate for New Jersey governor who was open about his dislike for former U.S. President Donald J. Trump is under fire from his own camp this morning after openly and publicly embracing President Joe Biden.

Check out the reaction on the Jack Ciattarelli Facebook Page.

“I want to congratulate President Joe Biden on his inauguration and Vice-President Kamala Harris on her historic swearing-in today. While there will be things we differ on over the next four years, I am confident we can find common ground on issues of great importance to New Jersey,” Ciattarelli said shortly after Biden’s inauguration.

Ciattarelli once called Trump a charlatan who was unfit to be President.  In 2016, Ciattarelli boasted that he did not vote for Trump for President.

Now, he’s feeling the heat from voters despite having nearly unanimous party support from New Jersey’s anti-Trump establishment.

“Are you serious right now Jack? The biggest crime in U.S. history just took place live on TV, and you’re going to congratulate them? What the hell?!” said Gabriel Haller.

“why would anyone congratulate anyone who didn’t earn a damn thing ???? It’s more honorable to stand up for TRUTH and JUSTICE!! Not be a typical fake RINO !!” asked Joyce Solero.

“Okay, well I was following you, believing that you would do something good for this state but after that stupid, ridiculous, disgusting comment I’m through following or believing in you!!,” said Carol Bowers.

“Bull. They are the nastiest bunch of hateful people who do not like us at all. They cheat, they bully and they could care less about us,” said Paula Gallagher.

“You lose my vote if you support this illegitimate administration!” said Janet Santilli.

“This is why republicans lose and will continue to lose for years to come . You’re not listening to the Left . The left despises us . You are asking for common ground from people that have referred to Trump supporters as domestic terrorists in need “cleansing and reprogramming” said Jim Snell.

“Hirsh Singh is running against Murphy also & didn’t post crap like this.” said Peggy Acres.

“Jack seriously how can you kowtow to a group that calls for unity unless you have different political values then them then promotes insulting and public humiliation?” asked Robert Thorne.

“Catering to the left already?” asked Robert Clune.

“All- this upcoming administration will be 4 years of utter chaos and Marxist indulgence- that being said- we need to build and fortify and we need a governor who will be looking out for our interests during this time of trial. Jack Ciattarelli is the man for the job. Allow him to use the tools he needs to contend with the Bolshevik regime that’s taking office. We all know the truth. Let’s not give the crazy Harris/Susan Rice administration more ammunition,” said Cornelius Sulla.