Mustang dude follows woman, beat her car during fit of road rage, now police would like to have a chat with him

MARION COUNTY, FL – This dude was driving his ‘stang…then this girl pissed him off…then he beat her car with a bat.  It sounds pretty stereotypical, but it really happened in Marion County this week.

Midlife crisis aside, a man driving a deep impact blue Ford Mustang, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, the guy got into a traffic incident with the victim and let road rage take over.

“He followed her to her destination, got out of the car, and yelled obscenities at her. Instead of deciding to be a decent person by just going home and staying there. He went somewhere, changes his vehicle and comes back, pulling into the gas station where the victim was attempting to get gas,” deputies say. “He then puffs out his chest, and attacks the victim at the gas station with a bat; smashing in her windows.”

“I dunno if he felt his actions made him a tough guy, but it actually makes him a fool,” a spokesperson for the office said. “We need this violent person off the streets before he attacks someone else. If you have any information on his identity, please call 352-732-9111.”

The man appears to have a receding hairline, a porn stach and 80’s style sunglasses.  He appears to resemble Chumlee from the television show, Pawn Stars.