Murphy Moves From Defunding Police to Ordering Police to Enforce Thanksgiving Dinner Limits

TOMS RIVER, NJ – Defund the police.  That’s the battle cry of the Democrat party nationwide.  Enforce COVID-19 executive orders.  That’s also the battle cry of the Democrat party nationwide.  Now, governors in many Democrat-controlled states such as New Jersey want the police departments to go door to door to check on people hosting parties on Thanksgiving.  New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy this week even went as far as criticizing Howell Township Police Chief Andrew Kudrick for openly defying the governor’s call to enforce his latest executive order which caps Thanksgiving parties at 10 people.  It seems like it was just yesterday when Murphy marched in solidarity with New Jersey anti-police marchers calling to defund the police…now he’s calling on police to do the marching…into your dining room next Thursday.

Defunding the police can take a break during the Thanksgiving holiday so police officers can, at the direction of the Democrat governor of New Jersey shut down private gatherings at homes of American citizens.  It’s an amazing revelation that the important task of removing police from non-violent interactions, to be replaced with social workers and state-approved medical professionals can wait until after Thanksgiving so police can increase their negative engagements with abiding citizens.   Police who can be chasing serious crime, thefts, such as holiday porch pirates, violence and drug dealers should not be redeployed to stalk suburban neighborhoods counting heads in the windows of people’s homes.

Welcome to the new normal, under the leadership of Governor Phil Murphy.

Kudrick was the first police chief in New Jersey to say no.  So far, none have followed after Kudrick was essentially called a “non-factor nobody” by the Governor on Friday.

It’s important for the Governor to dismiss Kudrick as a radical…a public servant sidestepping his duties to the state, while the perception is that everyone else is following the governor’s lead.

Today, on Fox News, Kudrick said the emotional and financial toll of Murphy’s lockdowns during the pandemic is evident in his community.   He said business are hurting and the holidays are a time for family healing and togetherness during a difficult time.  He also said his officers won’t respond to neighborhood Karens dropping a dime on their neighbors who exceed the 10 person limit on Thanksgiving imposed by Murphy.