Murphy explains why he’s not locking down New Jersey, even though he essentially is locking down New Jersey

TRENTON, NJ – If there’s one thing we would say to Governor Phil Murphy,  it’s “Why did you send COVID-19 patients to nursing homes.”  If we could ask Phil Murphy a second question it would be, “What the hell is going on in that mind of yours?”

For the past two months, Governor Phil Murphy has been telling New Jerseyans that COVID-19 is coming from indoor gatherings.  He said many times, sports, restaurants and gyms are not the source of COVID-19 outbreaks.

Then, he shut down bars because he said a Jersey Shore bar was the source of a COVID-19 outbreak.   Then it turned out that wasn’t the case, that the staff members at the bar contracted COVID-19 at a non-related indoor party.  Still, bars remain closed in New Jersey because Phil Murphy said so.

That was the first step in Murphy’s slow and gradual phase two total lockdown, which of course, he says is not happening.

Then Thanksgiving came.  Murphy sprung into action and banned Thanksgiving dinners, advising people to stay in their homes and don’t invite anyone over.  Later that night, Murphy was seen at a restaurant posing with the owner.

After months of saying how bad COVID-19 spreads indoors, this week, Murphy severely limited the number of people at outdoor gatherings and the one outlet children across the state had, indoor winter sports were canceled.

Murphy is continuing to drive New Jerseyans back into their homes and force them to lock their doors.  What does he think these kids are going to do? Stay home? No, they’re going to have friends over, play video games, etc. Just like shutting down bars drove young adults back into having house parties, this latest decision by Murphy is completely counter to everything the man has said in the past two months.

So far in Phil Murphy Lockdown Part Deux, bars are closed and parties moved into homes.  Indoor sports are shut down and those kids are now being locked in their homes.  Homes are where COVID-19 spreads.

At this point, it is inconceivable that any court in America outside of New Jersey and California would support these actions by Murphy.  New Jersey Lockdown 2.0 is here, even if Murphy says it’s not.