Monmouth SPCA Rescues 30 Cats from Feces Covered Abandoned Home

FREEHOLD, NJ – Last month, 20 male cats were dropped off at the front door of the Monmouth County SPCA office.   There was a note with the cats claiming they were from a ‘sanctuary’.  Acting on a hunch, after receiving the male cats, investigators with the Monmouth County SPCA felt that where there were 20 male cats, there must have been female cats too.   The agency dug around and eventually learned through leads given by the community that the owner of the cats had recently surrendered two large dogs to the agency, so they visited the home and what they found was unbelievable.

“Twenty intact-male cats left outside of our door a month ago with a note stating they were from a sanctuary,” the SPCA said.  “The general feedback was that these cats were left in a better place, which we agree with, but what stuck out to us is that if there are intact-male cats somewhere, there are intact-female cats too.”

The home was unoccupied, but officers found 30 more cats living in what was described as “absolutely deplorable conditions”. Every floor, counter, and piece of furniture was covered in urine and feces.  The food was left for them on the floor in ripped bags and the water bowls were filthy, the agency reported.

“These poor cats were living in such unimaginable conditions that our Animal Control Officers had to wear full Tyvek suits while recovering them,” the SPCA said.  “All 30 of the cats have been transported to the MCSPCA where they’re receiving medical attention along with finally getting clean living quarters, fresh water, and nutritious food. Like the first 20, they are all scared and confused and will take time and patience to adjust.”

Charges are being reviewed as part of an ongoing investigation with the Monmouth County Prosecutors SPCA Law Enforcement Division, but for now, the cats need to be rehabilitated and forever homes found for them.

“In total, we’ve taken in 50 cats from this person, all of who will be spay/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and anything else they may need,” the SPCA said.  “This is on top of our already FULL shelter that is bursting with cats and kittens waiting to be adopted. We’re working overtime to make sure every animal in our care is comfortable but now we need the help of our followers. Only 5 of the original 20 have been adopted so please consider donating to help care for these cats as we work tirelessly to get all 45 of them into loving homes.”
You can donate the care of these cats right on Facebook or through the SPCA website here: They have also made a special wishlist here: