Middletown School Candidate Heffernan Faces Attorney General Insurance Fraud Lawsuit

MIDDLETOWN, NJ – Middletown school board candidate Harmony Heffernan says she did nothing wrong to warrant a state Attorney General investigation into possible insurance fraud.  Heffernan, running for office in Middletown said he did not make any intentionally false statements on his application.  The state disagrees with Mr. Heffernan’s assessment.

“Defendant, Harmony B. Heffernan (“Defendant”), made a written statement intended to be presented to an insurance company for the purpose of obtaining an insurance policy knowing that the statement contained false information concerning facts material to the insurance application, in violation of the New Jersey Insurance Fraud Prevention Act, N.J.S.A. 17:33A-1 to -30,” according to Melanie Caride, Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance. “Specifically, Defendant falsely stated that he had not been injured between the time he applied for an individual disability policy and the issuance of the policy”

“This is a civil matter, where the state of New Jersey wrongfully contends that I completed paperwork incorrectly,” Heffernan posted on Facebook.  “The truth is, I acted in good faith, I did nothing wrong and I have spent three times the amount of money at issue to defend my good name.”

The NJ Attorney General’s Office charged Heffernan for intentionally applying for a disability insurance policy, not disclosing that he was already disabled.   The state contends that the insurance provider Good Health, Mutual of Omaha would not have approved the policy if Heffernan had truthfully filled out the application.