Manatee Deputy Goes Door to Door to Find Lost Pooch’s Home

PARRISH, FL – Manatee County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Jared Leggett went above and beyond for a lost dog this weekend, highlighting the importance of making sure your pets are microchipped and have dog collars with identification tags.

Leggett found the dog walking along Erie Road in Parrish this weekend and fearing she might get his by a car, he initiated a traffic stop.  The dog complied peacefully without incident, but instead of taking her directly to the Manatee County Animal Services, Deputy Leggett initiated a house to house search for her owner.  He ended up having to take her into custody and released her to animal services, but because of Deputy Leggett’s door to door search the owner knew where to find her.

“Luckily, her owner got word that she had been taken to the shelter and arrived shortly after to pick her up! We’re so glad to hear she made it home after her adventure and ride-along,” the department said. “This serves as a great reminder to have your pets microchipped. This helps identify the pet and owner, and speeds up the process of reuniting them!”