Man Who Killed Two Boys, Abducted Two Girls in Kansas Caught by Oklahoma State Police

An APB that started in Kansas after two boys were found dead and two young girls were missing from a home in Leavenworth County ended with an arrest on I-40 in Oklahoma.  Police said Donny Jackson, 40,  killed two boys and kidnapped his daughters, Nora, 7, and Jackson, 3.
Later in the evening, Oklahoma State Troopers overheard Beckham County broadcasting a vehicle matching the description of the amber alert vehicle, getting fuel at the 26 mm on I-40. Two troopers immediately headed to the gas station.
“A short time later, Beckham County got a call from a truck driver that the vehicle was westbound at mile marker 7,” the OKSP said in a statement.  “One of our Port of Entry officers was at exit 7 and observed the vehicle go by. He got in behind the vehicle and activated his emergency lights. The vehicle kept driving and took exit 5 and stopped. The officer gave the driver commands to exit the vehicle and he did so. Within 2 minutes of the stop, troopers and Beckham County deputies arrived and assisted in taking 40 year old Donny Jackson into custody.
His 2 children that were with him are safe. Great job to everyone involved.”