Man who killed brother, sister on family vacation in wrong-way crash had extensive criminal history

DAYTONA BEACH, FL – Danycka and Domynick Milis were a Wisconsin brother and sister on their way home from a night of driving around and looking at Christmas decorations when their lives were taken from them by a career convict with an extensive criminal history, driving while on the revoked list.   They were in Daytona Beach at the Daytona Speedway to see the Christmas light exhibit.  As they returned from the event, their vehicle was struck by Reginald Lamar Harris, 47, who was driving a Nissan Altima he had carjacked in Orlando.

Police were chasing Harris until he made an illegal u-turn on I-95 and started to drive northbound in the southbound lane.  Officers in the vicinity frantically tried to stop traffic ahead of Harris, but at 7 pm, Harris, in his stolen, carjacked vehicle crashed into the siblings’ Nissan Rogue.

Domynick, 21, and his sister Danycka, 18, were killed instantly.  So was Harris. Their 13-year-old brother Drake and cousin Kyley Larsen both also suffered severe injuries in the crash.

It turns out Harris is the poster boy of the failed justice system in America that provides criminals with second and third chances over the rights of their victims.  In Harris’ case, it was 30 chances.  Harris during his criminal career had 50 felony charges including 18 convictions.  He had 42 misdemeanor charges including 18 convictions.  Harris was incarcerated 8 times and was most recently released on September 15, 2020.

Harris was also driving while on the revoked list where he has been since 2000.  According to police, “Harris is known to commit multiple felony robberies with a firearm, home invasion with a firearm, aggravated assault, grand theft and drug possession.”

The Florida justice system failed Domynick and Danycka.  Harris, a career criminal, according to jail records was arrested twice in 2020, both times.