Man Steals Phone from Dying Female Jogger

St. Louis, MO – A woman who was lying on the sidewalk dying after she collapsed while jogging had her phone stolen before she passed surveillance footage shows.  A man who walked past the woman on October 18th on the 1200 block of Lynch in St. Louis is being sought by the police.  Officers received a call for a “Sundry” at an area hospital after the victim was brought in by EMS. A preliminary investigation revealed the victim was jogging in the area when she collapsed. The investigation also revealed that after the victim collapsed, the suspect exited a red van and stole the victim’s cell phone. EMS located the female and transported her to a hospital where she was later pronounced deceased. The investigation is ongoing.

“Recognize anyone in this video or the red van? Detectives need help locating the witness and/or suspect in an incident where an unconscious woman’s phone was stolen on 10/18 in the 1200 block of Lynch. If you have info, contact a 3rd Dist. A detective at 314-444-2500,” police said.