Man Learns that Yes, That Cocaine Stuck in Your Noise Counts When You Get Arrested

VERO BEACH, FL – Yes, the drugs in your nose counts against you, according to the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office.  And on Thursday, an unlucky man from Vero Beach found out the hard way.

Police say the driver of a vehicle pulled over for a routine traffic stop annoyed police when he pulled over on a sidewalk, but further irritated police when the passenger tried to hide all of their cocaine in his nostrils.

On Thursday, at 2:30 a.m., Leonard Geisler, 29, of Vero Beach, was pulled over after running a red light in the 1500 block of US 1. He was also not wearing a seatbelt. Geisler also had been drinking, he blew a .132 and .134 when tested.

Deputies pulled him over with Vann Magnum, 40, of Vero Beach, as his passenger, in the 800 block of 21st St. After Geisler was pulled over, a clear bag of pills were seen stuffed in the door handle in an attempt to conceal them, Magnum said they were from Afghanistan and thought they were Xanax.

During a search of Magnum’s area where he was sitting, five clear plastic bags were found with white residue in them. It was identified as cocaine.
As deputies talked to Magnum, white residue was seen in his nose. Magnum was asked to use his finger to remove the cocaine, he then attempted to rub it on his pants. We were able to get him to rub a small amount on some paper and that tested positive for cocaine.

“At the jail, Magnum said he was extremely drunk. We asked him “if it wasn’t for the cocaine would you be asleep?” Magnum answered yes.
Magnum faces one count of possession of cocaine. Geisler faces a misdemeanor count of DUI,” the IRSO said.