Man jumps into lagoon to rescue distressed baby deer

TOMS RIVER, NJ – When a man in Toms River saw a baby deer swimming in distress under a dock on the other side of his lagoon, he sprung into action. He removed his shirt and hat and dove into the water, swimming across the lagoon.

“I’m not going to let him die,” the man told his party naysayers. “Where’s he going to get out? He’s a baby deer?”

He swam across the lagoon a good distance, before reaching the scared fawn on the other side, swimming under a boat dock and grabbing the deer. If you know anything about the Barnegat Bay lagoon system in Toms River, it’s nothing but miles of house and tall bulkheads, offering very few places to simply climb out, unless you have hands and can use a ladder.

For a baby deer, this would have eventually led to certain death as there were no escape points for it anywhere in the area. It most likely fell off the edge of a dock to get there in the first place.

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He then climbed out of the water and brought the deer to dry land to a roar of cheers.

That’s when the neighbor across the way came out and asked him, “Dude, why are you in my backyard carrying a baby deer?”

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