Man impersonating police officer steals donut from 7-11

LEHI, UT – A Utah man was arrested after he walked into a convenience store wearing a Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Department jacket, but the store clerk wasn’t buying it.   The store clerk confronted the man and called the police.  Using video surveillance, Lehi police were able to track down the truck and confront the fake cop, donut thief. He was identified as Daniel Mark Wright, staying in a local motel room.

“Officers knocked on the door and made contact with [Wright] as he opened the door and was asked to step outside. A female was also inside of the bedroom and was identified as Christian Olson. While the door was open, I observed the green Salt Lake County Sheriff’s jacket hanging in the entry-way closet,” a police report read.  After finding out the truck was stolen, police arrested Christian Olson who was in the room at the time with Wright.