Man flipping out at Madison Subway charged by police

MADISON, WI – Madison Police arrived at a Subway location to confront a man who was getting a little out of control in the restaurant.

“Yesterday afternoon, a 33-year-old man was threatening customers and employees inside the Subway at 7011 Watts Rd. Officers attempted to deescalate the man’s behavior, however, Tony P. Olson continued his behavior and officers placed him into custody,” police said. “Olson resisted and spat at officers as they attempted to secure him in a police car. He was then taken to a local hospital and offered a medical evaluation, but while there he attempted to assault medical staff.”

Tony Olson was ultimately transported to the Dane County Jail on the following tentative charges:
– Disorderly Conduct
– Threats to Law Enforcement
– Resisting/Obstructing Law Enforcement
– Battery to medical personnel
– Carrying a Concealed Knife
– Felony Bail Jumping
– Probation Violation