Man Charged with 1,100 Grams Of Heroin in Sturbridge

STURBRIDGE, MA – At approximately 2:30 p.m. yesterday Trooper Michael Baroni, assigned to State Police-Sturbridge, was patrolling Route 84 in Sturbridge. While he was stationary near Exit 9 he observed a black Volkswagen Jetta with very dark window tint pass his location. Trooper Baroni began to follow the vehicle and, while doing so, conducted an RMV inquiry of the license plate.
The inquiry revealed the registration was revoked and the vehicle was uninsured. He activated his blue lights and subsequently stopped the Volkswagen on the ramp to Route 90.
Upon the vehicle stopping Trooper Baroni approached it and identified the operator as GIANNA COLUSSI, 29, of Lawrence. It was quickly learned that COLUSSI had an active warrant for his arrest, at which point he was placed in handcuffs and escorted to the rear of Trooper Baroni’s cruiser. Prior to the vehicle being towed from the scene Troopers conducted an inventory of its contents. Trooper Baroni located a rectangle package in the trunk containing approximately 1,100 grams of a substance believed to be heroin.
COLUSSI was transported to the Sturbridge Barracks where he was booked. A bail commissioner was contacted and set bail at $10,000. COLUSSI was scheduled to be arraigned at Dudley District
Court on the following charges:
1. Trafficking in Heroin, over 200 grams;
2. Operating an Uninsured Motor Vehicle;
3. Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Revoked Registration; and
4. Illegal Window Tint.