Major Media Networks Coordinate Announcement of Joe Biden as 46th President, Trump Team Says More Lawsuits Coming Monday

All of America’s major media networks, including Fox News, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and others coordinated a Saturday morning announcement that Joe Biden has defeated President Donald J. Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

At approximately 11:30 am, the coordinate message was delivered across all media networks, giving Pennsylvania to Joe Biden to award the former Vice President the electoral college votes needed to win the election.

Shortly before the announcement, the Trump campaign held a press conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani said several lawsuits will be brought against election boards in several states on Monday.   Giuliani said GOP election monitors have testified that they were deprived of their rights to monitor this year’s ballot counting.

Giuliani said the mail-in ballot system was prone to fraud and that the high degree of security and protection required,  in Philadelphia was absent.

The former mayor of New York City claimed thousands of uninspected ballots could have been fraudulent.

“It’s really simple, if you have nothing to hide with these mail in ballots, you have the inspection,” Giuliani said. “I mean this is common knowledge, common knowledge in the examination of absentee ballots.”

“No Republican got a chance to look at that ballot,” Giuliani said, claiming many ballots looked like they were filled out with the same pen and same handwriting.  He also cited 300,00 ballots in Pittsburgh the he claimed were uninspected and reviewed by a single Republican election monitor.

“I don’t believe in conspiracies,” he said. “I also don’t believe in coincidences. It’s funny that all Republicans were rejected here [in Philadelphia] and Pittsburgh that represented the lead Trump had two days ago.  We don’t know if a single one of those ballots was legitimate.”

Giulini said Philadelphia has a history of allowing dead people to vote, including actor Will Smith’s father.  Smith’s father Willard Smith, Sr. passed away in 2016.  He then berated the mayor of Philadelphia for out of control crime and riots in the city, stating that if the mayor doesn’t stop violence, why would he stop election fraud.

“We will have many, many witnesses,” Giuliani said.

“America, I’m honored that you have chosen me to lead our great country. The work ahead of us will be hard, but I promise you this: I will be a President for all Americans — whether you voted for me or not. I will keep the faith that you have placed in me,” Biden said on his Twitter page which was updated to identify him as “President-Elect” shortly after the announcement.

Trump has not conceded his defeat, nor has he issued a statement yet.