Lou Dobbs: Left Wing Media, Biden and Harris Have Overstepped, Claims “Clear” Voting Fraud

Lou Dobbs is one of the founding ‘fathers’ of CNN. He’s a veteran reporter, journalist, and media executive with nearly 50 years of experience under his belt.  Tonight, he claimed publicly that there was widespread voter fraud in several states.

“I believe corporate left-wing media, Biden and Harris have overstepped—PA ignoring court orders, the law and they claim victory! Huge suspect vote dumps for Biden in about a half dozen states, and clearly widespread voting fraud,” Dobbs said on Twitter. “There is no way that Biden, who addressed almost as many cars as voters, could get more legal votes than the greatest President ever!”

Dobbs also took a swipe at Mitt Romney who said Trump’s election fraud campaign is “reckless”.

“This man is in desperate need of help,” Dobbs said.